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The island of Phuket offers an array of attractions. As the ultimate lifestyle destination in Thailand, it caters to diverse tastes and budgets. Exploring Phuket is an engaging experience, with its abundance of excellent beach clubs, vibrant nightlife venues, diverse restaurants, engaging activities, and captivating shopping opportunities. Our ‘Best of Phuket’ recommendations serve as your personal guide to the island. Curated by our staff, this list showcases the finest offerings of Phuket, ensuring a well-rounded holiday experience

Top notch beach clubs

Situated directly along the shores of Patong Beach, KUDO Beach Club embodies a trendy destination offering a complete lifestyle experience. It’s an ideal daytime retreat where you can unwind with a tropical cocktail on a sun bed or savour a meal from the on-site Italian restaurant. KUDO hosts top DJs and presents an array of themed events, making it a vibrant spot on the island.

Transporting the Ibiza vibe to Phuket, Cafe Del Mar on Kamala Beach boasts a captivating atmosphere. Known for its excellent food, refreshing drinks, and live entertainment, the beach club houses a delightful restaurant alongside its outdoor bar. Guests can enjoy a vast swimming pool and choose from an array of sun beds and loungers for the ultimate relaxation.

As Phuket’s original beach club, the iconic Catch Beach Club is renowned for its ‘White Parties’ and Sunday Brunch. It’s a destination where style, cuisine, and entertainment converge to deliver an authentic tropical experience. Conveniently located on Bang Tao Beach, Catch Beach Club is the darling of Phuket’s party scene and a popular haven for unwinding and soaking in the ambiance.

Top notch beach clubs​
NIght Clubs in Phuket

Buzzing Bars & Nightlife Venues

Nestled in Patong, Bangla Road pulsates as the vibrant epicentre of Phuket’s dynamic nightlife. Stretching from Patong Beach to Rat-U-Thit Road in front of Jungceylon, this thoroughfare, often dubbed Bangla Walking Street, hosts a multitude of nightlife hotspots: live music venues, rooftop bars, nightclubs, and go-go bars. Whether seeking an exhilarating night out or simply relishing in people-watching, Bangla Road promises an unforgettable experience.

On Bangla Road, Hollywood Phuket stands as a dance and nightclub, offering a sophisticated entertainment concept combining live performances with talented DJs. The club’s allure is enhanced by international VIP hostesses and choreographed dancers. Renowned for its dance scene, it provides excellent value compared to similar clubs in Patong.

Sugar Club Phuket, another Bangla Road favourite, is Thailand’s premier hip-hop club, delivering non-stop entertainment through live sets by resident DJs and special guests. While DJs spin most nights, the club truly ignites on weekends.

Illuzion Phuket stands as a cutting-edge nightclub boasting three distinct rooms, international DJs, live acts, hip-hop showcases, and more. As Phuket’s largest club, Illuzion accommodates over 5,000 people and offers more than 300 VIP tables. Its state-of-the-art sound system, captivating visual displays, and top-tier performers ensure an unparalleled nightlife experience.

Amazing Restaurants

Three exceptional restaurants worth exploring while in Phuket are the acclaimed Baan Rim Pa, Takieng Phuket, and 3 Spices. Each of these establishments offers delightful classic Thai cuisine alongside international dishes, ensuring a memorable fine dining experience.

For family-friendly dining experiences featuring unique settings and delectable cuisine, consider Three Monkeys, Rabbit Hole, and Haidilao Chinese Hot Pot. These popular Phuket eateries not only offer great food but also provide fantastic photo opportunities.

To witness stunning sunset views, visit The Sundeck Phuket overlooking Kata Noi or Cafe Flower Mountain Beach in Patong. Arrive approximately 30 minutes before sunset to relish the experience with a refreshing cocktail as you watch the sun dip below the horizon.

Couples seeking a romantic dining ambiance will appreciate Rustic and Blue By The Sea, Project Artisan en route to Layan Beach, or Little Roma or Little Paris in Cherngtalay. Each of these restaurants boasts innovative cuisine and exceptional presentation, guaranteed to charm your significant other.

For gatherings with friends over drinks and delicious meals, consider MOJO, The Kitchen Patong, The Place Patong, Ali’s BBQ, and Lokal in Patong. These venues offer vibrant, enjoyable atmospheres and, most importantly, delectable food!

The best dining spots in terms of value for money and a diverse range of cuisines encompass Green Chicken, Bollywood Phuket, EFE Old Town, Baia Del Sole in Patong, Butterfly Bistro, the Pad Thai Shop, and Kim’s Cafe & Bistro.

Amazing Restaurants and food in Phuket
Cozy Cafes Coffee Shops in Phuket

Cozy Cafes & Coffee Shops

BOOST, a well-known cafe in Nai Harn, offers a menu featuring healthy options, creative sandwiches, salads, and a delightful dinner selection. Renowned for its top-notch coffee, the cafe holds a special place for digital nomads and individuals currently working remotely.

In the heart of Kamala, Big Boys’ Burger Club stands out with its gourmet burgers. Specialising in charbroiled, dry-aged Australian beef burgers, this restaurant exudes a welcoming atmosphere and ranks among Phuket’s top burger joints for those craving a juicy burger.

Lay Cafe, an Instagram favourite, is a quaint coffee shop tucked away in a small Rawai side street. The shop boasts incredible views and provides a delightful spot for robust coffee and homemade pastries.

Hern Coffee and Bistro, situated along Patong Beach Road, is a popular destination. This open-air bistro offers brunch, creative dishes, an array of coffees, and crafted beverages. The bistro’s charming interiors create a fantastic setting to unwind with a coffee.

Nestled in a coconut grove in Chalong, Coconuts Cafe attracts both locals and expatriates in Phuket. This creative cafe serves traditional Thai food, Western favourites, delicious cakes, pastries, and a variety of coffees and teas. With its relaxed ambiance and stunning views, it’s a charming spot to enjoy.

Exciting activities

Phuket’s Big Buddha stands as a significant and revered viewpoint on the island. Perched atop the Nakkerd Hills in Chalong, this towering 45-metre-tall white marble statue commands visibility from every corner of the southern part of Phuket. Offering breathtaking panoramic views, the site’s landscaped grounds also host an array of smaller religious images and statues.

Rawai Park stands out as an ideal family destination, offering three play areas suitable for all weather conditions. Visitors can enjoy an air-conditioned playroom, covered playgrounds, and a kids’ water park. Additionally, an on-site family restaurant serves both international and Thai cuisine, including a dedicated kids’ menu. The park also provides packages for birthdays and other family celebrations.

Blue Tree represents Phuket’s pioneering family entertainment hub, committed to community and sustainability. Offering an array of lifestyle and entertainment activities, Blue Tree also features a selection of restaurants and boutique shopping.

Situated on Sainamyen Road, Patong Boxing Stadium is a compact arena renowned for staging authentic Muay Thai boxing matches. A must-visit for experiencing genuine Muay Thai in Phuket, the fights are both intense and captivating. The stadium also houses a gym and a small shop selling boxing gear.

Located in Phuket Town, the Phuket Trickeye Museum marks southern Thailand’s inaugural interactive 3D museum. Showcasing various painting exhibitions, the museum immerses visitors into the artwork, creating fantastic photo opportunities and a delightful experience for the entire family.

Big Buddha in Phuket
The Gibbon Rehabilitation Project in Phuket

Various Charity and Community Organizations

Tree Tops Elephant Reserve, nestled in Chalong, provides sanctuary to nine retired and magnificent elephants. This preserve leads the way in ethical elephant tourism, prioritising the welfare of these gentle giants. A visit to Tree Tops Elephant Reserve offers the chance to observe retired elephants in their natural habitat and witness a diverse array of migrating wild birds native to the region.

The Soi Dog Foundation, a non-profit organisation, serves as a haven for rescue dogs and cats of all ages. Renowned for rescuing Thailand’s abandoned dogs and cats, the foundation meticulously vaccinates and sterilises them before finding them new homes. For animals requiring permanent care, the foundation provides designated holding areas with ample space to roam and play. Visitors can both tour and volunteer at the foundation.

Oceans for All actively funds and orchestrates initiatives aimed at restoring, protecting, and nurturing the ocean’s ecosystem, particularly in areas affected by tourism activities. This non-profit organisation excels in educating the local community and collaborates closely with various Phuket resorts and hotels to establish seagrass nurseries.

The Gibbon Rehabilitation Project, an animal protection organisation, focuses on rehabilitating mistreated gibbons and reintroducing them to the wild. Functioning as a research arm of The Wild Animal Rescue Foundation of Thailand (WARF), the project welcomes visitors, offering an educational experience that is especially captivating for children.

Top Notch Shopping

Phuket boasts a diverse array of shopping experiences. Jungceylon and Central Phuket department stores cater to those seeking luxury brands, excellent dining options, and indoor activities, providing a comprehensive shopping experience.

Phuket Walking Street, also known as Lard Yai, is a vibrant weekly night market held on Sundays in the heart of Phuket Old Town. It exudes a festive vibe, offering live performances, an abundance of authentic street food, and unique souvenirs. A stroll through Phuket Old Town allows visitors to admire the distinctive Sino-Portuguese architecture, adding to the market’s charm.

Naka Market stands as Phuket’s colossal weekend market, offering a plethora of goods ranging from clothing items and housewares to souvenirs and electronics. The market also features an extensive food court showcasing Phuket’s diverse culinary traditions.

Located in Samkong, Chillva Market appeals to a younger crowd, operating every evening except Sundays. This lively night market offers simple snacks, street food, shops, souvenir stalls, and weekend live entertainment.

Phuket Town Central Market, known as the ‘food market’, is housed in a covered building, selling fresh produce, meats, cooking items, and souvenirs. Throughout the market, various food stalls serve an array of dishes, from fried chicken to noodle soup. Operating daily from 12 am to 12 pm, it’s a bustling market, bustling with activity both overnight and in the morning.

Central Festival Phuket
Phuket Amazing Beaches

And the most amazing beaches

Freedom Beach, accessible by boat from Patong or Tri-Trang Beach, stands out as one of Phuket’s most stunning beaches. Adorned with white sand and surrounded by a lush jungle backdrop, it features a small reef near the shore, perfect for snorkeling.

Located on the west coast at the northern end of Bang Tao Beach, Layan Beach is a picturesque bay that remains relatively undiscovered, offering an idyllic setting for a peaceful day in the sun.

Popular among families and couples, Karon Beach stretches along the coastline, lined with palm trees and offering amenities like a sand volleyball court, easy access to restaurants, and vibrant markets.

Surin Beach, situated on Phuket’s west coast, boasts a beautiful expanse of white sand ideal for sunbathing, with usually calm and clear waters.


Absolute serenity

Tucked between Bang Tao and Nai Thon beaches, Banana Beach, often called a secret gem, spans approximately 180 meters of shoreline with exceptionally clear water. A small beach shack sells simple food and refreshments.

Kamala Beach, a tranquil spot on the west coast, favoured by families, lies a short drive from Patong. Palm-fringed and with easy access to various dining options, it offers a quieter atmosphere for relaxation.

Located 4 kilometers from Patong, Paradise Beach consists of two sandy bays, offering a range of activities like volleyball, scuba diving, and kayaking. Sunbeds are available for a fee, and the beach is well-equipped with dining options.

Adjacent to the larger Kata Beach, Kata Noi Beach is one of Phuket’s smaller beaches, embraced by luxury hotels. With its serene white sands, it’s perfect for sunbathing, surfing, and fishing.

Kamala beach in Phuket

We trust you’ve enjoyed our curated selection of Phuket’s best. B.H. Baan Paradise staff is always delighted to recommend favoured spots and activities. Feel free to seek assistance in finding destinations or arranging transport.

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